Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cast Your Vote November 2, 2010

With elections just around the corner, Shiloh and I want to remind all human halves of service dog teams to vote on November 2. Does your state need laws protecting Service Dogs from being interfered with or injured? Does your state better awareness of access for people with disabilities partnered with service dogs? You human partners can ensure your voices are (or will be) heard on these and many other issues on ballots  across the country affecting the lives of people with disabilities by casting your ballot on November 2,2010.  According to the American Association of People with Disabilities Disability Vote Project "At least half of all Americans with disabilities are not registered to vote." I ask you, my loyal readers how can we as a community expect our current rights to continue to be protected, our equity as members of society to be validated, or our issues to be seen as important when we are not seen as a community that votes?

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