Monday, August 30, 2010

Grooma-palooza: Our Trip to the dog wash.

Last Saturday, both Shiloh and Cammy needed a bath and since things are a little tight financially it was decided the self service dog wash, U Suds 'Em would be the best way to meet our needs for clean dogs with busting the bank. This a great in between full professional groom and DIY job at home. At the dog bath we have access to different soaps, brushes, blow dryers,special tubs and such we just don't have at home. Not too mention the fact that they take care of cleaning the mess and maintaining the equipment!
Shiloh, waits her turn on a tie down outside the tub area.
Leslie and Cammy go over the tools with the staff
Cammy gets Furminated before her bath. 

Cammy all soapy.
Shiloh's Turn!

Shiloh gets furminated!
Shiloh all soapy.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review:Ability Magazine- Barking Up the Right Tree

This is an beautifully written from the inside of a service dog partnership out. Barking Up the Right Tree discusses many key topics to anyone considering partnering with a service dog including:
1. Am I disabled enough for a service dog?
2. Examples of tasks dogs do and how those tasks mitigate their handler's disability
3. The legal definition of what makes a service dog a (note this will change in 2011, see

News:Changes in the Definition of Service Animal under the ADA)