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While I do not write SDAWL as a money making venture, it does take a significant amount of time,resources and energy to research, write and maintain SDAWL each week. So, if you enjoy SDAWL and would like to to show your support through a small donation, I would be grateful. Half of any donations made to SDAWL will go to support a service dog organization.So that the donations don't pool, I will choose an organization each quarter to split the amount with (with preference going to smaller organizations that don't have the advantage of some of the larger more established schools).

The half of the donations I keep will go to (Please note I do not have non-profit status):
  • Caring for Shiloh 
  • Purchasing books, equipment to review on SDAWL
  • Funding visits to program facilities, conferences, and other events of interest to SDAWL readers

Donate to Shiloh's School
(NOTE:This section is posted in support of Summit's work and should in no way be construed as Summit having any responsibility for the views and opinion expressed here.) Summit Assistance Dogs relies almost entirely on the generosity of individual donors, corporate donors, and foundation grants to fulfill our mission of “empowering people with disabilities to greater heights”. Each assistance dog placed costs thousands of dollars to train and although we encourage our applicants to be proactive in raising what money they can, many are able to contribute only a small amount. Summit never denies a person based on financial ability and it is our goal to provide a dog to every person who wishes this special partnership. We can do so only with your help. Please consider partnering with us by sending your donation today. We are so grateful for the support of our loyal donors!
-Donate Now
-Donate via Mail
Please print our PDF donation form and/or mail a check to:
Summit Assistance Summit Assistance Dogs
18204 Dunbar Road
Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
Workplace Donations
Donate through your workplace by designating Summit Assistance Dogs as your charity of choice. Our most common employee campaign designation numbers are listed on our home page. Be sure to ask your employer if they will make a matching gift.
Bank Transfers
Summit can arrange automatic withdrawals from your bank account for donors who wish to give monthly.
Memorial/Tribute Donations
Please print our PDF donation form and mail along with information about who the memorial or tribute donation is for, and to whom you would like a card sent acknowledging your gift.
Donate Stock
Please contact our CPA David Hall at or (360) 293-9505 for details.
Donate a Vehicle
Visit Donate for Charity at file:///D:/Documents/My%20Webs/Summit%20Original%20Website/ID=Summit+Assistance+Dogs or call 1-866-392-4483 to arrange a vehicle donation to Summit.
Make a Bequest
Please contact your attorney and Summit Assistance Dogs to arrange a bequest.
Donate In-Kind Goods or Services
Check out our wishlist for needs.
Questions? Please call or e-mail us at: (360) 293-5609 or