Joan Jackson was taking her usual daily walk in Santa Clara last week with her hearing dog, Wrigley, while the family cat, Tuxedo, trotted along behind them. Jackson, 70, who is deaf, didn't see or hear the big white dog that bolted from a driveway and lunged for poor Wrigley.
Tuxedo saw it and raced back home. But Jackson, who retired as garden editor of the Mercury News in 2001, looked up to see the larger dog trying to grab her little Schnauzer mix by the throat.
We know how most of these attack stories end, but I'm glad to say this one had a happy ending.
After the incident, Jackson said the owner of the dog made no apparent attempt to say anything to her or check on the condition of her dog.
"The owner quickly raced out, grabbed his dog by the collar and threw it into the driveway," Jackson said. "Then he opened his Jeep door, pushed the dog inside, jumped in and drove off."
In his haste, the owner "never said a word to me, never looked at my dog or asked if he was all right," she said. "Luckily, Wrigley was fine, not hurt, but that is just pure luck."Read More