Sunday, June 29, 2008

Applying for a Successor Service dog

I thought I would share with everyone what the process of applying for Summit Assistance Dogs has been like for me. I finally had made the decision to complete and mail in the application. Truth be told I had completed most of it a few months earlier, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish the final essay on why I wanted a service dog. Finally, in November with much travel looming in the first part of 2008 I decided that the best time for me to officially retire Bastien would be Christmas --I know what a present to myself. I really wanted to make sure I had time to take him and all of his things up to my mom's and get him settled in.

I had to fill out the form complete with contact information for my vet, groomer, and any trainers I had worked with in the past. I also needed a form from my doctor. Finally, I had to get two letters of personal reference from people who are not my family. I also needed the $35 application fee. I sent the application off and Bastien and I proceeded to leave on our last trip together. We spent a week in San Antonio attending the American Council of Foreign Language Teachers, which had an attendance of nearly 7,000 people. During our time there Summit made their first call to me;however, since I was in San Antonio they spoke to my sister/roommate who gave them a lot of much needed details about me and my lifestyle. When I returned they called again to schedule my first assessment, which would take place over two days in Anacortes, Wa. My assessment would be in January, since neither the weather or the holidays made earlier possible. Summit has only seven staff and many, many volunteers.

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