Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet Cammy and Leslie

I met Leslie and her Guide Dog Cammy, when they began volunteering at Mobility International USA, the non-profit I work for. Leslie is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Comparative Literature.

Cammy, is her four year old Guide Dog matched with Leslie during the spring of her senior year of high school. Cammy was trained by Guide Dogs for the Blind. They completed their team training at the Boring, Oregon campus. Cammy is a mellow, sociable girl who takes her work very seriously. Cammy and Leslie can be a difficult pair to keep up with! In her off time Cammy enjoys making new friends (both human and dog), chewing on her bones, a rousing game of wrestle and chase with another dog, sniffing, tug O' war, and cuddling.

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