Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Introducing housemates

Today my roommate Leslie, myself and her Guide Dog Cammy drove to Summit headquarters to prepare for tomorrow's team training. I brought Cammy and Leslie so they could have a chance to meet Shilo on neutral ground [See Introducing a New Dog to a Resident Dog Part 1] . I took the chance that Shilo might be at the training center today and stopped by as soon as we got into town. I was pleased to find the a member of Summit staff and Shilo in the office! I asked her if it would be okay for Cammy to come in and meet her soon to be housemate. They took a few minutes to investigate one and other, then the games began! Cammy and Shilo played and played using every bit of space available. I am also please to report Shilo remembered me. I was able to pet her, talk to her and just spend time in her presence today. I look forward to the start training tomorrow and spending more time with her. For more information on the process of Adult Dogs: Adjusting to a New Home.

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