Thursday, November 20, 2008

News: Service Dogs handlers treated like second class citizens at Palin Rally

A group of people with disabilities partnered with service dogs were delayed access to a recent Palin Rally.
"Republican National Committee says because of the dogs it just took some time to get the OK....then they let them right in. Chris Taylor with the RNC says "At this particular venue there was handicap seating available for people in wheelchairs. Thousands of people came out to see Palin with tickets that weren't able to get in but they were able to get in and watch in the overflow seating as well as these people with their dogs."

It would seem actions speak louder than words. If the republican party wants to win the disabled vote denying access to a group of people with dog guides for the blind to a public event like this is far from the right way to go. I, for one, have been to many events like this and access seating usually includes seats for people with other types of disabilities as well. It is unfortunate that the RNC did not ensure their staff were educated about service dogs and people with disabilities' right to access the venue with their dogs immediately.

Questions to Readers:

  • If you are considering a service dog, think about how you would handle a denial of access.
  • If you are partnered with a service dog, have you been denied access? How did you handle it? Any advice for people not yet partnred with dogs?

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