Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shiloh Passed her Canine Good Citizen Test with Flying Colors!

Shiloh passed her Canine Good Citizen Test with flying colors tonight! She walked into the training center with 18 completely unknown dogs and their handlers and showed them what she was made of. The test took two hours to complete the way this tester chose to administer it. She really impressed everyone with her ability to retrieve her leash for me after the stay and recall exercises.


Katrin said...

Congrats on the CGC! That's great!

As to your question on my blog, yes still interested in the blog carinval. JLMK what it entails and what I have to do. :-)

Melissa Mitchell said...

Are you a part of the service dog central message board? There is post by me explaining what a carnival is and ideas for topics.