Friday, April 3, 2009

News: Lost Service Dogs

Recently two service dogs/ service dogs in training have gone missing from their homes:
Neither of the dogs in these stories have been found to date. These stories are an important reminder to all of us to do several things:
1. Microchip your service dog/ service dog in training and register the number with your vet and local animal control. I keep the plastic tag with the number on my key ring and make a metal tag for my dog's collar that says "I have a microchip and the chip type, please scan me." I don't put the number on my dog's collar because I don't want someone to try to register the dog under their name claiming change of ownership. Most animal control and vet places have a policy of scanning all stray animals who come in for microchips these days.
2. Always keep a collar a collar on your dog with a tag with your name and phone number at least. I also put a secondary contact in case something may have happened to me and that is why my service dog is loose.
3. Keep a current picture of your dog along with a description of any identify marks, color, height, weight, docked tail, etc.
4. Maintain your off-leash training. Don't assume your barriers are failure proof and never underestimate what a determined, lonely, or bored dog might do.

If your service dog does go missing act immediately! Tips on finding a lost dog.


Blogdog said...

Hi Melissa

That was an excellent post - we can't even begin to think what we would do if we lost Clive.

I hope those two service dogs are found and returned to their owners. It must be totally heartbreaking for them.

Lovely to read your blog and we have signed on to follow you.

- little man's mum and all the gang

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Clive and humans,
I can't imagine losing Shiloh either. I hope for news of these dogs safe return to their families and partners as well.
Glad to count you all among my readers.
Melissa and Shiloh