Friday, July 24, 2009

Shiloh and the Canoe Canal

Yesterday my roommate and I took Shiloh and Einstein to his favorite place the canoe canal in a nearby park for a little swimming and tennis ball-- his two favorite things in life! Shiloh, being the dainty little she is, will usually only run along the shallow banks in an inch or two of water. This day, however she decided to go for it, after much teasing by Einstein. Einstein loves the water and out swims a lot of the labs and goldens around here with his huge feet and long rudder of a tail. Einstein kept getting out of the water, running around Shiloh getting her to chase him and jumping back in. Shiloh finally got tired of stopping short, gave a bark to Einstein and jumped in! She hopped around a few times like she would in the snow and hopped out. It was really one of times I kicked myself for not carrying a camera.

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