Sunday, October 4, 2009

Humorous Encounters Around Town this Week

Shiloh and I spend a lot of out and about.When my first service dog, Bastien, was in the process of retiring in combination with increasing pain levels I experience lessening of capacity in energy levels and activity that was distressing to say the least. In the last year with Shiloh I have been able to increase my activity levels nearly to those equal to the prime of Bastien's and my partnership. Given the condition of my shoulder and some other energy concerns; I know I won't reach exactly the same point but to be able to go out and work everyday is no small thing.
I know I often write about happening that annoy or distress me, so I thought I would write about a few humorous instances this week. On Saturday, we were waiting at the library to meet someone when this adorable little girl around seven or eight years old came up to Shiloh and I and said "that's one of those working dogs, isn't it?!" I responded that yes she was. She then asked me "Why do you need a dog?" I told her that Shiloh helps me open doors, pulls my chair when I get tired, picks things up for me, and even helps me take my shoes and sock off. She immediately respond "Wow, she's really smart!" I said yes she is. The girl then decided she should tell me about her plans at the library that day and that she was their with her family. As she was talking she point and said that's my mom, about a lady walking towards the library doors.I told her she better go catch up, it looked like her mom was going inside.
Today, Shiloh and I went to Starbucks to catch up on some work and be out of the house. I ordered my drink and a treat. As I turned around Shiloh tripped  over my spastic outstretched foot (something she rarely does unless she is not paying attention). Surprised I looked to see what could possibly have caused her to do that. Low and behold, there was an older gentleman holding a piece of croissant out at dog level.My foot, luckily got in Shiloh's way while I had a second to see the scene. I explained as kindly as I could that Shiloh is a working dog and can't have people food. The woman with him tried to help me out by saying to.him that's a service dog in a very matter of fact tone to him. He just forged on saying that she looked hungry. I told him that she was not hungry. He then asked "Do you pay her?" I smiled and responded, "Yes, I feed her the best organic dog food money can buy."  


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

What sweet stories! I'm always surprised and enchanted when kids are as unguarded and forthright as the clever girl at the library, telling you about her plans and such. Makes me wonder what they'll turn out to be as adults. Maybe she'll be a bit like the older gentleman in Starbucks!

Melissa Mitchell said...

I really do enjoy days like those!

Clive said...

Always amazes us too how people will offer food to a working dog. We were in Ikea - a big store recently and walking through their restaurant area when a woman stopped us to ask a question. While we answered, her husband tried to feed Clive a meatball. When I explained he was a working dog, not allowed to eat on duty and on a strict diet, the man just kept saying - 'but he looked hungry!' As I commented to him, "well you wouldn't offer my kid some food so please don't offer his service dog any either".

Another amazing story recently was when one of our puppy walkers tried to enter a coffee shop with a pup in training - only to be told it was full! She had sunglasses on and the owner assumed she was blind and couldn't see - there was plenty of space in the shop!

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Clive,
good to hear from you. I hope your family is healing from their recent loss.
The scary thing is some people would offer a child food without asking the parent first.
The incident with the puppy walker is typical of some of the incident I have experience when out with my roommate who is blind.