Thursday, November 12, 2009

Service Dog Humor: Most Common Unbelievable Questions and Comments

As a a long time service dog handler I have regularly hear these questions and comments :
10.Is that dog in training? When do you give them up? (No, she's for me.)
9. Where can I get a vest like that? (answer: I don't know, it came with the dog)
8. I wish my dog was that well behaved! (Answer: I can recommend some local trainers)
7. You should teach the dog to pull you. (Answer: Darn! I never thought of that, thanks.)
6. He looks sad. (Answer: you're projecting)
5. How does the dog know where to go? (Answer: He has GPS.)
4. Is that one of those blind dogs? (Answer: I hope not or I'm in trouble)
3. What do you do with the do at home? (Answer: I put him in the closet.)
2. Is that a drug dog? (Answer: Yes, she's under cover as a service dog.)
1. You don't look blind. (Answer: Really? What does Blind look like?)


KatBoxJanitor said...

I LOVE your answers! #5 may be my favorite!

I am a puppy raiser with Summit Assistance Dogs and noticed your entry on their Facebook.

I will have to explore your blog further once my homework is done!

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Kat,
I'm glad I could give you a chuckle! Who are you raising??

mariahleadme said...

My wife gets the "Is that one-a-them blind dogs" bit all the time. She always replies; "No, the dog can see just fine. I am the blind one."

Clive said...

We get variations on those questions all the time. We particularly love the comments made when they assume 'its one of those hearing dogs' and they say all sorts about us!!

~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Ha Haa Ha Haaa Ha!!!! Hee He Heee He!!! This is the funniest thing I have seen in weeks! Thank you for providing me with the wittiest of answers! I love it! You are a blessing!

Melissa Mitchell said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed this article! I try to keep the fun coming:)

mariahleadme said...

Then there was the time that some blowhard was griping about my wifes Guide dog being in a pizza place. His comment was "There aint supposed to be no dogs in places where theys servin' food" (yes....he spoke just like that), but before we could reply his wife jumped in with this tidbit:

"Oh, its ok for that dog to be here. Its one-a-them hearing-eye dogs."

We had to beat feet to get out before we broke into uncontrollable laughter.......

Holden said...

I get the "he looks sad" comment ALL the time at my college. I tried to explain that it's his serious or working look but even my friends don't all get it. The other day I was in our campus center and a student came up and said "He looks so sad all the time and I every time I see you he's JUST standing there. He'd be happier if I hugged him. He's miserable"


I looked at her and said "Well then that would make his job right now 'just standing here'. And I'm sure it's just tragic for him to live in a building full of beautiful women that love on him every time the see he's off duty. Life is so hard when you get to go everywhere you person and nap during lectures instead of being left behind everyday."

Katie Dwyer said...

Melissa, this was an AWESOME blog. It made me so happy! I'm so glad your wit and humor are engaged with dealing with some of the world's less enlightened individuals.

I've got to say that my favorite is the comment about her pulling you. I can just imagine how helpful that person thought they were being...

Also, I was present when someone realized that Cammy was a service dog, and Leslie got the "oh goodness, you're blind?" comment. She handled it fabulously (and of course Cammy did, too).