Friday, October 22, 2010

Anniversary: Two Years, A Wonderous Journey

This October 17th marks two years that Shiloh and I have been a team living life and all its surprises together! In the last two years we have gone from complete strangers to each others rocks of Gibraltar. Shiloh and I have done so many things together that it is hard for me to list them all on the greatest hits parade we have:

  • Moved twice
  • Attended weddings, birthdays and baby showers
  • Interviewed for and gotten jobs
  • Survived my wisdom teeth getting pulled
  • Met Galaxy from Greatest American dog (I have picture here somewhere...)
Shiloh continues to amazed me with her steady, sweet countenance and her drive to work. She recently showed me that she finally has made sense of what I have been trying in my completely inept, bungling human way to show her how she can help with my balance issues during a recent return trip to Newport (read about our fun at the beach in the past) where she would place herself either beside, in front, or behind depending on what point in the stairs I was at and how she understood she could best assist me. With her beside me I could have one hand pulling myself up with the railing and the other holding onto Shiloh's backpack handle for a little forward momentum (I tend to fall backward when I fall, but it really does take much to keep me on my feet and balanced).

Finally, I wish to thank everyone who made Shiloh and I possible:
-The Staff and Volunteers of Summit Assistance Dogs
-Shiloh's Trainer Sue Meinzinger (known affectionately around here as Aunty Sue)
-My cousin April for her $100 Donation
-My longtime friend Wayne Terry for his donation of a Large Dog Crate ($100 value)
-Shelley Maynard,Owner of Pewter Rabbit Antiques for her $25 Donation
-Kathleen Ison for her $10 donation
-Olivia Emilia and Rob Harden for their $50 donation
-My longtime friend Anne Hensley for her $50 donation in memeroy of her first SD Andrew
-My longtime friends Pam and Loc Reader for their $100 donation
-My former co-workers at Pierce County Deparment of Emergency Management for their $155 donation.
-My Aunt and Uncle, Steven and Marie McDonald for their $100
-My college internship supervisor Mr. Jim Stevenson and family for their $100
-My Unce Dale McDonald for his $300 donation
-My Grandmother Mary Ellen for her $200
-My parents for their $600 donation to Summit and their love and support through out the entire process
-My best friends Leslie Weilbacher and Katie Berger for all their love, support and perspective!


Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

Congratulations, what a terrific milestone!

Melissa Mitchell said...

seems like yesterday I went to team training.

Court said...

Happy Anniversary!