Monday, November 28, 2011

Need a service dog? Use a chair?

Hey readers,
This note is from the website of Summit Assistance Dogs, the program that trained and placed Shilo with me. Summit typically places dogs around the Northwest and requires several visits prior to placement with an average 2-3week team training. If you think you can meet these requirement an need a service dog because you are a wheelchair user, contact them.
Special note about service dogs for wheelchair users
Summit currently has very few applications for service dogs for clients who use wheelchairs and need assistance with tasks such as retrieving items, opening/closing doors, tugging clothing off, etc. We have several dogs in training who are going to be ideally suited for this type of placement. This means that the wait time to be matched with a dog may be much shorter than the usual 2-5 years. If you are a wheelchair user looking for a service dog, we encourage you to begin the application process by contacting

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