Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pet Obesity: Health Implications, Recognition, and Weight Management | petMD

Service dogs like their human partners gain weight for a variety of reasons; however, because we spend so much with our canine partners and we love them to pieces we may not recognize when they have put on a few extra pounds.
Top Reasons Our Service Dogs Pack on the Pounds 
1. Simply being over fed. Remember, all treats and chews need to be counted in your service dog's over all calorie count.
2. Being under exercised. Many things affect how much exercise a dog gets and while a service dog may be out working everyday, if the brunt of their workday involves long down stays chances are pretty good your service isn't getting enough exercise.
3. People are feeding your service dog unauthorized treats or your dog lies in the lurch under the high chair.Hey, these things happen, but it might be time to refresh the rules about your service dog. Also you might want to keep your service dog out of the area or on leash when the children are eating!
4. You or your service dog are have recently recovered from an illness or injury that affect one or both of your abilities to exercise.
5.Aging. It is not uncommon for dogs as they age to have different nutritional needs that can affect their weight.
For more on Pet Obesity Read:Pet Obesity: Health Implications, Recognition, and Weight Management | petMD
Finally, as we approach the new year consider setting some health related resolutions for the health and happiness of your beloved service dog!

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