Sunday, September 7, 2014

Upcoming series on Retirement

Shilo retired on August 17th after five years, 10 months and 2 days of partnership with me. Making the decision to retire a service dog is never easy even if there is an undeniable reason such as failing health driving the human partner to the decision. I am working on a series of post about Shilo's retirement to help people understand this all too little discussed inevitable phase of life with service dogs which will include topics:
  1. Timeline to Retirement
  2. Signs a Service Dog Needs to Retire
  3. Preparing for Your Dog's Retirement
  4. Celebrating your Partnership
  5. To Re-Partner or Not? Deciding whether a Service Dog is still right for you.
Also in the series will be stories from Shilo's retirement:
  • Shilo's Last Trip- Vegas Baby!
  • Shilo's Retirement Party
  • Shilo's Last Day Working
  • Shilo's Retired Life

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