Thursday, March 20, 2014

L.A., Washington D.C., and other Adventures!

It's been a month since I last posted, and that is because Shilo and I have resembled a blur! Grab your coffee (or tea) and settle in because by the time I have caught you, my dear readers up your head may be spinning right along with mine!

The L.A. Abilities Expo- Cool Gear, Even Cooler People, and Great Food!

Shilo and I spent the weekend of March 15-17 at the L.A. Abilities Expo, and while we are not new to large conferences this was our first time at the Expo. If I was a rich woman I could have left this event with everything from a new chair on order, to a fully adapted vehicle, and much more! The most fun part for me, as always was the people! I spent the weekend networking and catching up on what was new in the world of disability while meeting wonderful people from Pride Mobility, Ki Mobility, Ti-Lite, Colours, Invacare, Users First, New Mobility Magazine, 3eLove, and Whirlwind Wheelchairs.

 From a Service Dog Community stand point both Shilo and I were very disappointed by the event being met with everything from dogs who growled, were out of control and wolves (yes you read that right) in service dog's clothing. As a service partner I had to be on my toes all weekend watching for dogs who's partners were not stewarding their dogs to keep myself and my partner safe. Let me tell you when the guy with two wolves came in with them on ropes Shilo and I left the building. I love wolves; however wolves are not dogs and most certainly not covered under the ADA. And secondly, I did not feel like they were under good control. The worst part was the people running the event tried to eject the person on these grounds and failed.

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