Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Note: New Part-time Job

My dear readers,
As you know this is a tough economy in the U.S. and to make ends meet I now work two part-time jobs, both of which allow me to serve and work with other people with disabilities. My latest job is as a recruiter and facilitator for the Healing Pathways Project described below:

APPROVED: Jul. 6, 2009

Healing Pathways
Women with physical disabilities who experience depression may be eligible to participate in an Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) study. The purpose of the study is to test a peer-implemented 12 week group therapy program. Participants will be randomly assigned to an initial intervention group and a wait-list control group, however, all enrollees will eventually receive therapy. Depending on group assignment participation will last between 6 and 12 months. There is a possibility that dealing with depression will cause emotional distress. Participants will receive monetary compensation. Study sites include Eugene, Salem, Portland, and Medford/Grants Pass, Oregon. For more information call toll-free 877-226-4221. or in Portland call Elizabeth McNeff at (503) 475 4307 / email You may also contact the OHSU Principal Investigator Dr. Hassouneh at (503) 494 2714 or email to inquire about the study (OHSU IRB#4296).

This flier was sent out on behalf of OHSU, however, neither your name nor any other information has been disclosed to OHSU.

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