Sunday, August 23, 2009

State should license dogs that assist the disabled

Carol McAlice Currie

August 21, 2009

It's time to keep grocery stores and restaurants from going to the dogs.The Oregon Department of Agriculture announced recently that it will begin a public awareness campaign next month to remind Oregonians that it is illegal for any critter other than a service animal to enter a grocery store or an eating establishment. Read More


Flo said...

I will NEVER understand the "we have a law that covers this, but no one is listening to it, so let's make a new one for them to ignore!" mindset.
People who take pets into stores will buy fake IDs, have their doctors sign off on paperwork, and find ways around the law. How about spending the money on enforcing the laws they already have, and putting the fakers out of business?

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Flo,
I couldn't agree more!

Janice said...

Maybe licenses are a good idea, but many people couldn't afford the license fee and/or the vests, etc. At first when I read the Carol Alice McCurrie article, I was angry. The second time I read it I was not so offended.

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Janice, as I am sure you know from your two lovely Bassets having animals is not without costs. People considering service animals need to consider the costs and how they will meet such costs. Saying I can't afford it to me, is not an excuse. I have lived well below the poverty line currently and have done lots of things to offset my living costs.