Sunday, March 14, 2010

News: Buyer Beware on Diabetic Alert Dogs

Taken from Article:Alert capabilities questioned:Views differ on effectiveness of Betheden training

"But after spending thousands of dollars, Keegan and others say the training provided by Betheden Kennels, based in Canyon at the time, was ineffective and put the safety of people in jeopardy.
The problem, experts say, is that behavioral tests haven't conclusively determined whether canines can be effectively trained to perform various services, including to alert for diabetic complications." Read Full Story


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Michele said...

On August 4, 2010 complaints were heard in Randall County Texas, Precinct 1, small claims court against defendants Ann and Oscar Pulliam d/b/a/ Betheden Kennels. The defendants requested a jury trial. Testimony and evidence was presented to the 6 member jury. Plaintiffs prevailed and monetary damages were awarded. Defendants chose not appeal the decision but have communicated their intent, through their attorney, to avoid satisfying the judgment. In writing they have refused ‘to pay a dime’; stated they will move back to Texas to qualify their property there as their “homestead”; and have threatened to file bankruptcy if action is taken by plaintiffs to collect the judgment. More cases against the defendant have been filed in small claims court. Complaints have also been filed with the Oklahoma Attorney General.

On a separate note, a decision has been entered in favor of plaintiffs in the case of State of Missouri –vs- Heaven Scent Paws, Inc. Complaints in that case are strikingly similar to complaints heard and upheld by the Texas jury against Betheden Kennels. Indeed, in testimony in the small claims case against Betheden Kennels, a witness quoted Ann Pulliam as stating that Michelle Rinkemeyer – the owner of Heaven Scent Paws - had the right idea about how to train and sell diabetic alert dogs much more quickly than other kennels.

Original court filing against Heaven Scent Paws can be found at: