Wednesday, June 2, 2010

News: Vermont Increases Penalty For Animal Owners Whose Pets Attack Guide Dogs

By Louis Porter VERMONT PRESS BUREAU - Published: June 2, 2010
MONTPELIER – Gov. James Douglas has signed a bill into law that increases civil and criminal penalties for those whose pets attack guide dogs for the blind.

It is not clear how common the problem is since many such incidents go unreported, said Stan Greenberg. But when such incidents occur – as happened to him – it is terrifying and debilitating for the visually impaired person involved and their guide dogs, which are trained not to be aggressive, even in such situations.Read More


~Pink~Doberman~ said...

Thanks for sharing! Nebraska State Senator Kate Sullivan is actually working to update Nebraska's Guide/Service/Assistance Dog Laws.

Hoping to introduce the new legislation in the next session. Contact her with concerns and ideas to include!


Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Tanya,
Thanks for reading and sharing what is going on in Nebraska regarding Service/Guide dog legislation. I will see about doing a separate post on this for everyone.