Thursday, June 3, 2010

News:The Benefits of an Animal Friendly Workplace

une 3, 2010 @ 2:11pm | Julie Tappero
Midnight is a black cat that lives near our office. Occasionally, Midnight shows up at our door, asking to come inside and visit with us, where his toys and cat treats await him. During the Christmas season, we have Doggie Howliday, a day that all employees can bring their dogs to work. We even had a beta fish that lived with us for awhile too. We’re an animal friendly workplace!
June 25th is national Bring Your Dog to Work Day. This day highlights the benefits of being an animal friendly business. Regardless of your own personal pet-preferences — whether you’re a dog-person, a cat-person, a fish-person, or a non-pet-person entirely — studies have shown that adopting an animal friendly workplace policy can benefit employees and businesses both.
Recruiting good employees can be tricky, and costly, especially if you’re a small business. There are many people who are seeking dog-friendly work environments, and adding this inexpensive perk can help to recruit the right person. You can even list your business as “dog-friendly” in your recruiting ads, potentially attracting applicants that will give up higher salary or better benefits in order to be able to bring their dog to work. Also, when an employee is able to bring their dog to work with them, they often will be more apt to stay with their employer, rather than look for a new position and risk losing this valued privilege. Read More including some basic points on accommodating Service Dogs in the workplace.

Coming up later this week: Are You Prepared? Take your Dog to Work Day and Service Dog Handling Tip #2: Helping your Service Take Sudden Changes in Familiar Environments in Stride

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