Monday, July 19, 2010

News: Prince Harry Visits Canine Partners for Life

Prince Harry of England's recently visited to Canine Partners to learn more about their work supporting military veterans following his first hand military experience.
Andy Cook says: “The visit by Prince Harry is a huge boost to  Canine Partners and we thoroughly enjoyed showing him how we train the dogs to help people with disabilities.  He was very interested in our work with the Armed Forces, and had a long private chat with petty officer Stephen Brookes about how the dogs can make such a difference to injured servicemen and women.  The Prince proved to be a competent handler with the more advanced dogs in training, and a big hit with the younger puppies who vied with each other to get the most cuddles!  He spoke to many of our working partnerships, giving him an insight into the variety of ways a canine partner can help his disabled owner.” Read More about the Prince's visit
Trigger warning: Militarily scenes and sounds from on going conflicts in video below

Video from the Today Show of Prince Harry  to Canine Partners.

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Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

That's terrific...what a great way to help those who have sacrificed so greatly for their country.

And Alfie gives a shout-out to the one doodle in the video -- woof!