Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dreams About Service Dog

So it's pretty common knowledge that our dreams are influenced by the things that are important or occupying large portions of our lives; therefore, it should come as no surprise that I regularly dream about my service dogs past and present. Unfortunately, these dreams usually come in the form of nightmares where something bad happens to my service dog and I can't do anything about it or no one will help us. I will keep the details of these dreams to myself because I don't want to traumatize or trigger anyone.
This  morning's dream was of a very different fair though. I dreamed I have to go the the UK and for some reason I didn't get Shiloh through the Pet Passport requirements within the window to be able to bring her (strange since I used to work for an organization advising people with disabilities about international travel). So when I got to the UK one of the assistance dog organizations there offered to let me "borrow" a service dog who was  almost done training and ready to be placed to help me and as sort of a test run for this dog who happened to be a white Labradoodle not unlike our friend Clive over at Austism Assistance Dog.  Interesting concept that left me smiling as I woke up.

How about it... Do you dream about your service dog or service dog related topics?

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