Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pet First Aid Month April

April is Pet First Aid Month! This year's there is Pets & People Staying Healthy Together.  As service dog partners we ask our canine partners to accompany us nearly everywhere and in do so they may come across situations where we as handlers need to either be able to administer first aid or instruct someone in the proper dog first aid approach called for in the situation. In 14 years of working and living with a service dog there have been a number of situations with my dogs where I was relieved to have the basic knowledge of Basic Dog First Aid and what situations are always considered an emergency and require the attention of a veterinarian ASAP.

Finding Pet First Aid Classes Near You:
Red Cross Pet First Aid Classes

There's an App for that!
Once you have taken a class you can Download  an App to help your remember what to do in a specific situation when it really counts.
 Tools and Things

Now that you have the knowledge and the App make sure you have the tools you need.

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