Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Social Networking to Save Money on Things Your Service Dog Needs

By now most of us are probably getting deals via email, text messaging, facebook, and iphone apps from our favorite vendors of all kinds of items and services we use regularly. I, recently, signed up for a couple free services called Living Social  and Groupon offering one day deals for all kinds of services in my area (and around the world) at up to 90% the regular price; and being a person who is on a very tight budget I love a deal (especially on things that often there would be no room for in said budget like meals out, movies, plays, etc). My deal hunting doesn't stop with stuff for me.... oh no sir, the dogs and stuff for them is fair game!

Online One Day Pet Supply Deals
Please note I found several other services; the above two are the only ones that checked out as active. Enjoy!All my readers, please share your best places for deals in the comments below this post!


Laura said...

My dog's collar is made of solid color (patternless) webbing. Over time and with hand-washing, the color has faded. To refresh the color, every six months or so, I use Rit Fabric Dye, according to directions. The treatments don't take all that long, and once the collar is dry, it looks brand new!

Staying with a well-fitting, high-quality, solid color, webbed one and using Rit has saved lots of money over the years. The collar still looks great, after nearly six years of daily use!

Melissa Mitchell said...

Great tip Laura!