Friday, August 5, 2011

News: Guide Dogs Encounter Blind Spot

China Daily
There are 13 million blind people in China, but only 34 guide dogs. China Daily has a report today on how difficult it is for these guide dogs to do their job in China. The article mostly talks about a woman in Beijing named Chen Yan who has been barred six times from taking her dog on the subway near her house. She's also been shooed away from restaurants, airplanes, and restaurants, - even McDonalds. Apparently this is quite a common issue.
The problem is that guide dogs are so new in China that a lot of businesses and services just don't know how to deal with them.
China's Protection Law for Disabled Persons does say that dogs can work in public places �C as long as they abide by local regulations. And that little "local" stipulation means that lots of places CAN refuse entry to guide dogs.
There are some places where they can't. Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Zhejiang province all have regulations that say guide dogs must be allowed into any workplace, museum, cinema, hospital or other public facility. Read More

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