Friday, August 5, 2011

News: Unleashed Dogs Hassle Service Dog

Summertime on the Idaho State University campus is very relaxing.

But many people who are relaxing with their animals on campus and see a service dog don't realize that they are stopping that dog from doing its job.

Mike Riley and his service dog, Annie, are on campus from seven in the morning to nine at night almost every day, researching thousands of pages as Mike works to get his PhD in Political Science. He frequently travels between buildings. Recently, this has become a very stressful journey.

"This is all she knows. And to have your pets come and interfere with that working relationship is unhelpful." – Mike Riley, Political Science Doctoral Student Read More


khills said...

My service dog and I exercise on walking trails on a local federal parkway. We often are confronted by people on walking trails with loose dogs who are NOT under their control. Several months ago, a dog was running ahead of a family with children. When I saw the loose dog headed toward us, I called out "please restrain your dog!" I was knocked down when I clung to my dog's leash when the loose dog attacked my leashed dog. I was slammed face first into the gravel on the trial. The impact to my face damaged my jaw, and I still have problems with TMJ disfunction. After pulling his dog off of us, the man apologized and said he didn't realize it was federal law to keep his dog leashed. Law or not--people should maintain control of their dogs at all times when in public.

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Khill,
I have many instances over the years like the ones you and the gentleman in the story describe. Leashes are a great start to limiting who and what your dog has access to that is true; but being on leash doesn't equal under control or that the dog is properly being monitored. Many people snap a leash on and think that is all they have to do.. leash on poof safe under control dog appears! People who want their dogs to accompany them out anywhere should invest the time and energy in a good basic training class, then follow through with what they and their dogs learned everyday!:)