Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Experience Together: Area Dog Show

In early April Shiloh and I set off to an area dog show, my first dog show in person. I was really excited since this show was a something for every dog enthusiast: conformation, Rally-O, agility, Utility, and Obedience.Also I knew that it would be a veritable smorgasbord of dog gear (and I love gear!). I must admit I was a bit worried that I would need to be constantly on guard for other dogs and drive by petters, since this has happened a nearly every other dog centered event. I was ecstatic to find that had absolutely no problem with anyone dog or human interfering with Shiloh. We had to sit within feet of the entrances to the rings to be able to see anything and while there were dogs interested in Shiloh and the handlers were right on their dogs. There were also dogs and handlers that so busy they would literally walk right over the top of Shiloh and never even notice her.Shiloh could cared less as well.

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