Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video: Susquehanna Service Dogs: Enjoy the Journey

This great video from Susquehanna Service Dogs out of Pennsylvania shows the life of a service dog candidate from puppyhood to team training. For it was kind like a Where's Waldo of identifying the different stages and training exercises.Here I caught:
  • Whelping box with litter mates
  • First semi-solid food (yumm)
  • Intro to a kneeling bus
  • Interacting and being patient with a small child
  • Greeting older dog
  • Wearing strange items like jingle bell collars and antlers
  • 101 things to do with a box (clicker game)
  • Parachute tunnel
  • Novel surface gauntlet-look at that puppy's tail waggin' with excitement
  • Visit-with head gently in lap
  • Down-stay while being stepped over
  • Down-stay at a distance-look that happy engaged face
  • Wait until released to eat watch the drool string!
  • Tug open a door
  • Distance recall
  • Leash retrieval
  • Heeling next to a power chair (note bungee leash to make sure does not get caught in the drive wheels)
  • Heeling next to a manual chair
  • Providing light forward momentum using a handle and body harness
  • Stopping on  stairs
  • going under something
An action packed  three and half minute video... Did see anything I missed?

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