Thursday, February 3, 2011

News: CCI Takes Service Dog After Numerous Safety Violations

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Man's companion dog taken away over danger dispute
February 2nd, 2011 @ 10:22pm
SALT LAKE CITY -- A snowboarding accident changed his life nearly five years ago. But thanks to a service dog, Dr. Gael Yonnet got his life back.
Then last week everything changed. That's when the organization that partnered him with Elon, a yellow Labrador retriever, took the dog back, saying Yonnet's lifestyle and job were endangering the animal. Read More
Statement from Canine Companions for Independence


jesirose said...

He says "If all it takes to get him back is to put him on a leash, then I will do that."

Then WHY didn't you do it when they talked to you about it numerous times?

If the dog had been hurt or killed because it wasn't on a leash, you wouldn't HAVE the chance to say you've learned and you'll do better, because he'd be gone for good.

If the organization did in fact talk to him about safety issues numerous times, then shame on him and shame on anyone who is criticizing the organization.

Melissa Mitchell said...

Dear Jesiriose,
I could not agree more.

Fairydust said...

I can see it both ways.

Yes, keeping your dog on leash especially in public is the best way to keep him safe. If the dog is not safe while on leash and the person is able to "Re call" the dog then that would be the best option. Sounds like to me that Elon had good Re-Call skills.

Melissa Mitchell said...

a good recall doesn't guarantee safety by any means. Leashes protect a dog from more than just running off. Leashes help humans keep better and closer track of watch their dog is doing and where they are in space. they keep your dog from finding garbage just of the trail to eat, from falling in holes and the list goes on. Not to mention he has his service dog off leash at work. This man works in a hospital the is very busy environment with lots of potent dangers for a dog keeping him on leash when he is with you is for his safety.

Leslie E Weilbacher said...

CCI is just being responcible and he is not.
"Poor me, I do not want to follow the rules."