Thursday, February 24, 2011

News: Leapin' Lizards! Service Animals Are Multiplying Like Doggone Rabbits Skippy the Iguana Keeps His Owner Calm, But Therapy Dog Maxx Is an Impostor

Rhonda Kimmel's 11-year-old West Highland terrier, Maxx, goes with her everywhere—to the mall, restaurants and even to the bank.
Cosmie Silfa relies on an unusual companion to help him stay clean and sober: Skippy, a four-year-old iguana. But changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act could decertify Skippy as an official service animal. WSJ's Clare Major reports.

What gives Maxx entree to places normally off-limits to canines and other animals is the embroidered, purple vest he sports. It says: "Therapy Dog Maxx."
Maxx is a lot of things, including well-behaved, and he is a faithful companion. What he is not, however, is a therapy dog or a service dog, and Ms. Kimmel is not disabled. Read More

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