Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sit ‘n Stay Global Releases Pet Safety Protocols for Service Animals and Cabin Pets on Planes

Sit 'n Stay Global has developed safety protocols that extend the usual safety procedures for humans to Service Animals and Cabin Pets traveling on board commercial flights. Now Service Animals will be as safe as their human companions.
The new online publication teaches you how to travel safely with your pet in the cabin, what equipment will help and how to find the equipment, all in one place.  With today’s busy and crowded flights, it is unlikely that the airline will offer much help, so it becomes the responsibility of the pet’s companion to have an emergency plan for Fido.  Read more from Press release
Read the Safety guidelines
  1. What do partners who are experience travelers think of these suggestions?
  2. How might you disability or dogs training help or prevent you from following these?
Tomorrow I will post my thought on these having flown dozens of times with my service dogs. Email me your thoughts at or post a comment below for a chance to have you experiences included in the article!

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